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Live smartIoT - Internet Of Things

Types of Automation

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A Smart Home

Live smart in your dream home with state-of-the-art automation technologies. Add extra convenience to your day to day life, create your own rule to your home, let it know when you are in and out. Secure it with advanced burglar alarm system , high range surveillance cameras

Custom solutionsTake full control of your home's integrated systems from lighting to sound systems and much more.

Live smart in your dream home with state-of-the-art automation technologies to keep you safe, entertained and comfortable.

Smart Camera

It include features Facial recognition, Camera screenshot with timestamp App and Dashboard, Also with video stream.

Smart lock

Smart Door lock should include below features Lock/Unlock feature on the basic of Smart Camera modules output. App and remote acces

Smart water irrigation

Smart water irrigation should include Scheduled water pump on/off using moisture in ground. UI with above feature, Also with basic on/off

Location tracker

Keep track of senior citizen or child with sos. Industry solution available with security Get live locaton with Dashboard and sms control

how it works Complete Home Automation System Design, IoT devices & Installation Services. Our solutions allows you to see exactly how much electricity your home consumes per each device systems and much more

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